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Latest News | Why Depression & Hearing Loss Can Be Closely Linked

Why Depression & Hearing Loss Can Be Closely Linked

Tuesday, March 20th 2018 3:30pm

It is probably no surprise that depression and hearing loss are often linked as depression can be an unfortunate by-product of being unable to hear. When you suffer from hearing loss you can lose the ability to communicate with other people and so can become isolated. And the feeling of isolation can lead to becoming more withdrawn and introverted which in turn can lead to depression.

Withdrawing From Social Situations

Hearing Loss & DepressionMany people who suffer from hearing loss will withdraw from social situations. They can sometimes feel awkward in such places and embarrassed by their hearing problem and so instead of socialising they stay away from places where they have to communicate with others. The problem with this is that humans are social animals at heart and so if they withdraw from social contact they can easily become depressed.

Signs Of Depression

There are various signs that someone is on the verge of, or suffering from, depression:
  • They become withdrawn and have a general apathy about doing anything.
  • They can become listless and lacking in energy and drive.
  • They have deep feelings of helplessness and can see no way out of their present situation or way to change their life.
  • They often change their eating habits and this can lead to fluctuations in weight, some people lose weight rapidly whilst others comfort eat and put weight on.
  • They have a change in their sleeping patterns and can often become an insomniac.

For people with hearing loss, it's incredibly important that they feel able to lean on, talk to, and rely on family, friends, spouses or partners. People with hearing loss need to know that these important people in their lives truly understand the struggles they face on a day to day basis. Knowing that there is someone who is always there for them and is empathetic to their problems can be a great comfort to people who have hearing issues.

And it is vital that people who are suffering some form of hearing loss meet this head on and seek advice and help. They should always get to the heart of the issue as soon as possible, have a hearing test to find out what the exact problem is, and then take steps to remedy the situation as. Direct communication with people is essential, don`t hide but seek help from professionals as well as family and friends as soon as you can.


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