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Hearing Dogs recent update

Dear Friends

Thank you for your continued kind efforts and help towards the stamp donations.

With your help in 2013 we raised a fantastic £9,620.00 from used stamps! This achievement was only possible with kind people like you taking the time and trouble to collect and send in the stamps.

So please keep them coming - even the smallest donation is greatly appreciated.

For many people deafness can be a very isolating and lonely disability. Your gift will help us provide more hearing dogs that can transform deaf people's lives by increasing their independence, confidence and providing valuable companionships.

Carlo Ann's world was changed when she received hearing dog Marly, a chocolate Labrador. She says that, "Growing up with hearing loss was really tough. Deafness can leave you feeling lonely, isolated, anxious and at times even depressed. When I was young, people would often speak to me and, when I didn't answer, think I was being rude. Of course, the fact was that I simply couldn't hear what was being said. It was really hard, I just wanted to make friends and fit in.

"Marly has opened up a whole new world to me. He has given me back my independence and, with him by my side, I feel so much more confident. I feel safer knowing that he'll tell me if there's something happening that I need to be aware of but, almost as importantly, he's like a friend to me and much of the loneliness I used to feel has gone."

We do not receive any government funding, so we are dependent on the generosity and commitment of individuals like you supporting our work in this way and helping us to continue forming these life-changing partnerships. Remember, no amount is too small!

Yours faithfully

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Thanking you all very much

Mr David Parkinson


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