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Hearing Aid Repairs and Maintenance

Lisburn Hearing Centre has been an established, local Independent business since 2006. We take pride in providing support and continued assistance to all of our clients on their better hearing journey.

Part of that journey may include repairing and maintaining your hearing aids. Our ears are places full of dirt, sweat and grime, and hearing aids are fragile pieces of equipment that are prone to being broken.

At Lisburn Hearing Centre, we can start treating small hearing aid repairs straight away. We also offer a Full Service Guarantee for overhauls that need to be sent away.

Should I repair or replace my hearing aids?

At certain points in your hearing journey, you should start to consider whether or not it’s time for a new pair of hearing aids. Some of the things you may want to consider include:

Were they involved in an accident?

If your hearing aids were involved in an accident, e.g.) dropped from a very high height, then they may be permanently damaged and be beyond repair.

Were they water damaged?

Hearing aids are designed to be water resistant for daily life e.g.) being caught in the rain or sweating, however they are not designed to be fully immersed in water, this will cause damage. Depending on how long they were in the water for, hearing aids may still be able to be repaired.

Do they break regularly?

If your hearing aids are breaking regularly, this may indicate problems with the internal hardware. Extensive repairs can become expensive, so it may be cost effective to invest in a new pair.

Have you had your existence pair for a long time?

If you had your hearing aids for a long long time, they may be suffering from permanent damage. New advancements in technology are also continuously improving hearing aids, so it might be worthwhile investigating this option.

Are they custom made?

If your hearing aids are custom made, then you may be resistant to swapping them for a new pair. Custom made hearing aids involve a lot of time and effort for creating them, often it can take weeks to receive your pair. Repairing custom made hearing aids will avoid the hassle of having to go through this process again.

Local Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

As a local business, with a strong and loyal customer base, we take pride in supporting our clients' hearing journey. We will always advise you on the best option for your hearing aid needs, whether it be a repair or replacement. At Lisburn Hearing Centre, we strive to maintain our reputation for being excellent and trustworthy hearing aid specialists.


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