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Long-term exposure to repeated loud noise such as Music, Shooting and work-related environments can cause severe damage and hearing loss if not protected against. Lisburn Hearing Centre can help you find the right solution to help protect your hearing for the future.

We offer top quality products such as CEN's Proflex, Proflex Passive, Elactiner, Micro Monitor Classic and MicroMonitor Flex.

We offer full after care for these products, outstanding perfection allowing you to carry on with your hobbies safe in the knowledge of you receiving the very best protection for the long term.

It may not seem to be a problem at present to you but hearing loss is quite insidious, it happens quite slowly most of the time so that by the time you realise it is too late and you are suffering from hearing problems.

Tinnitus can be a particularly distressing condition caused from being subjected to loud noises over a period of time.

Again we offer a tailored and personal service.


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