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Servicing Hearing Aids

At Lisburn Hearing Centre, we are known for our hearing solution expertise. We have supported clients since 2006 and believe in supporting clients throughout their entire hearing journey. This includes regular servicing to maintain the efficiency of hearing aid devices.

How often should I get my hearing aids serviced?

We recommend getting your hearing aid devices serviced at least once a year. At Lisburn Hearing Centre, we offer a free hearing aid clean and check service. You can call us in advance to arrange hearing aid servicing, but we also operate an open-door policy, so if you need help or support just pop-in. You can also arrange to post your hearing aids in for a servicing treatment, making the process more convenient.

What does hearing aid servicing do?

At Lisburn Hearing Centre, our audiologists will inspect the entire hearing aid device, detecting any ‘misbehaviour’ within the system and offer a solution ensuring the system is in working order.

A full hearing aid service will:

  • Repair or replace any office-replaceable parts.
  • Clean the hearing aid with specialist tools.
  • Check for weak output.
  • Check for background static.
  • Send the device back to the manufacturer for major repair if needed.
  • Send the device back to the manufacturer if programming issues are present.

Maintaining regular appointments for servicing your hearing aids is a good habit to get into, it can help detect any issues within your hearing aid before it leads to major damage or repair issues.

Should I get my ears checked?

Along with checking that your hearing aid is in working order, you should also get your own ears regularly checked, particularly if you have an existing need for hearing solutions. At Lisburn Hearing Centre, we offer regular tests for your ears to ensure your hearing needs are being met, we recommend that you get your ears checked at least once a year.

Getting your ears checked can also spot ear wax build up, which may be a cause for increased hearing loss. We also compare your hearing aid to your hearing needs and ensure that the device is suitable and working for you. Your hearing loss may have increased, or better technology may be available that would improve your hearing experience, regular appointments will ensure that you're getting the best possible treatment available.

At Lisburn Hearing Centre, we take pride in offering ongoing support to clients throughout each stage of their hearing journey.

A final important note, we all leave a hearing loss longer than we should and this adds to a less colourful social life and it’s just not as easy to adapt as we age.

Please take advantage of our no sales pressure assessment it could be the best thing you do for the years ahead . ENJOY better socialising and better mental wellbeing.


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