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Why Your Hearing Is So Important To Your Overall Health

Friday, February 16th 2018 2:36pm

Because most of us have exceptional hearing when we are young we kind of take it for granted and so don`t take a great deal of notice once our hearing begins to deteriorate for whatever reason. But we should because good hearing is essential, it helps to keep us connected with the outside world and other people and helps us to live our lives without any limitations. It also helps to keep us safe as it helps us to be aware of our outside environment.

Look After Your Hearing, Look After Your Health

Hearing Important For Overall HealthThere is a very good article by Charlotte S Yeh, MD, on how hearing is Essential To Physical & Emotional Well Being (read the full article at the link) and on the subject of hearing and health she writes:

"Surprisingly, many of us wait seven to 10 years before even acknowledging we are having trouble hearing and get a hearing aid. Why? For some of us it's denial, or fear of looking old; for others the hearing loss is so gradual we might not be aware of the insidious progression of it."

"Yet, failing to get hearing tested and corrected early may actually contribute to aging faster. Hearing loss is associated with earlier onset of dementia, earlier mortality, and six times the rate of falls compared to those with normal hearing. Contributing to these negative health consequences is the isolation, the loss of interactive communication with others due to inability to hear clearly. This results in loneliness, which is known to have a negative health impact equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Moreover, when the input is diminished, the brain loses the ability to distinguish sounds, which means having to "re-learn" to hear when she or he finally gets a hearing aid."

"Instead of hearing loss, think about what you gain when you hear, allowing you to live life to the fullest. Life is about keeping the critical ability to stay connected to family and friends."

Free Hearing Test At Lisburn Hearing Centre

So as you can see it is a great folly not to get your hearing checked on a regular basis, especially when you are getting a little bit older. You can of course get a free hearing test here at Lisburn Hearing Centre, to book an appointment please give us a call on 028 9264 0302 and we will be glad to book you in.

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