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Latest News | Changing Attitudes Still Required From Many People Regarding Hearing Issues

Changing Attitudes Still Required From Many People Regarding Hearing Issues

Wednesday, September 6th 2017 2:58pm

As we previously mentioned in one of our blogs there needs to be a serious change in the attitude of many people so that they take on board their hearing loss issues and get help as soon as they possibly can.

Recent Survey On Hearing Loss At Work

Hearing Loss At Work

I came across an article in the Glamorgan GEM today where it was commenting on a recent survey of 800 working adults aged 55 and over. In the poll they found that 7 out of 10 of these working adults had noticed a worsening of their hearing capabilities over the last 10 years.

Half of the people who participated in the survey said that they would not consider wearing a hearing aid because it would not look good on them, over 25% thought a hearing aid would make them look old and nearly 15% felt they would look less able and less professional if they wore one. Some of them said they would avoid meetings so as to hide their hearing loss and likewise many avoided using the phone at work and socialising with their work colleagues.

1 in 6 Experiencing Hearing Issues

In the article which you can read by going to this link, Survey Shows Need For Workers To Take Hearing Advice , audiologist Kim Spargo from Malmo Hearing said: "Over five million Brits - or one in six of the employed population - experience hearing loss at work. Statistics show the professional lives of almost half could be improved just by wearing hearing technology - but only one in five does."

One man who did take the bull by the horns and get help with his hearing loss was Mike Sully and he was quoted in the article as saying: " I have worked in the NHS for over 37 years in a variety of roles, mainly on the switchboard at the Princess of Wales.

"I am 58 this year and recently retired from the full-time switchboard role. I now provide part-time support on the same switchboard, but I could not have considered that without investing in better hearing technology.

"I have worn hearing aids for 15 years and when I received a lump sum on retirement I knew where I was going to spend some of the money. On a state of the art pair!

"When I look back I know I have struggled with the hearing aids I had at work. Noisy situations were hopeless, having to ask people to repeat themselves all the time, and forever adjusting the hearing aids as I moved about."

Hearing Advice From Lisburn Hearing

Which just goes to show how getting help can improve your working conditions and your life. For the best hearing advice get in touch with us here at Lisburn Hearing on 028 9264 0302, it could be the best move you ever make.

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